The number one sales technique

The number one sales technique

Tonight I went to mass with Martina, my oldest daughter who did her first communion a few weeks ago. Last Monday at 9pm, her catechist called me to let me know of the future events of the church. One of them was mass today, Friday at 6.30 pm and then a little get together party. Of 65 kids that celebrated their first communion last month, this afternoon, there were 40. 62% of attendance…amazing!

This result I think is a model of which to learn from. Automatically my sales head started to think of the key factors of this success.
What does Don Sergio and his parish do in an excellent way that makes his clients come back and buy.

1. The relationship doesn’t end with the sale.

Once the high of the communion was over, the focus of the kids and parents drifted away.

Mission accomplished, that was done.

When we close a deal with a client, often we drift away and go on to the next challenge. It’s normal, we enjoy the high of the sell, the victory. So did the client, and then?

Like in a relationship, you court your man or woman, do anything for them and once they’re in, you let go of the intensity of the care.

2. So how to make your customers come back? Go get them!
If Nicoletta hadn’t called me to tell me about this mass tonight, we wouldn’t have gone. Maybe a Sunday here and there, but definitely not a Friday at 6:30 on a sunny spring day.

Follow up on your satisfied customers. They already said yes once, it’s most likely they’ll keep on saying yes to you because you already built a trusting relationship.
Sometimes we tend to ‘abandon’ our existing good clients in the effort to find new ones. When, it’s our raving fans that will help us grow and talk well about us. Let’s keep them happy.

3. Give your clients what they’re expecting from you.

Don Sergio tailor made the mass for his newly loyal customers. What hooked Martina to Church tonight was that she was going to be able to have the communion and that it was a mass for her and her friends. He gave meaning and explained every passage of the readings in a simple and practical way. For example he explained that ‘our grandparents built the churches so tall because in those days they wanted to feel that they could be closer to the sky’. He answered to such a tacit question I’m sure all kids (and most adults) have once asked themselves.

Don’t overwhelm your clients with things that aren’t important in that moment. Give them what they like to get from you. Just your presence and your LISTENING is enough sometimes.

4. Stay professional. Don’t lower your standards.
Upon arrival at the church the usual catechists were there to greet us and to tell the kids where to sit. With their usual smile and unconditional service.
How many times after we become ‘friendlier’ with our customers we stop doing things we do at the beginning. Like not explaining things about our product or service that we think they already know. It strengthens your brand.

5. Over deliver.
To top it off, there was a little party after mass to celebrate…helloooo??? Off course no strings attached and if you could bring something, great, if not, that’s ok! This unconditional giving from their part, puts me in a position to feel grateful and wanting to give back. It makes me be proud to be part of that parish. A more tangible result would be the fact that it makes me want to give paper money during the offer rather than coins. Or making a point in excusing myself personally with the organizers for not being able to attend the party. Caring, wanting to help in future occasions.

There would be a whole big space to talk about why some parishes are more successful than others. This is not the point right now.

Sticking to sales, I once again confirm what I strongly believe in and live by every day.

Why do clients buy you?
It transpires through you and is sticky, contagious.

Why do they come back to you or want to deal only with you?

Why do you do what you do well?
Only if you do what you love, you will be successful 100%.

So ask yourself…am I passionate about what I do? If so, good job!

If not, what I do serves me to do or get what I’m passionate about?

If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, are you able to do things passionately?

That’s a great start! People buy you and everyone loves to feel passion.

Have a great week-end!



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