Human Leadership: Jaime Pesaque

Human Leadership: Jaime Pesaque
Human Leadership interview

Let’s continue with the interviews on human leadership, subject i fiercely carry.

This time I had the honour of interviewing one of the most famous Peruvian Chefs, Jaime Pesaque, who is partner in the restaurant Pacifico  in Milan, and 5 other restaurants around the world.

An amazing entrepreneur and role model for the people that come in contact with him and you’ll hear why in his interview:

“No one trains you to be an entrepreneur…I think I wasn’t ready but the opportunities make you ready…push your limits…we depend on others…show them the way…in the restaurant business a leader doesn’t stay with you…”

I would go on with so many take aways but then you wouldn’t see the video 😊

Enjoy the show!


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