The Human Leadership Model™ 

The Human Leadership Model™ 

I want to officially share with you my Human Leadership Model ™ . It’s a model I have created from common denominators of issues that keep on repeating themselves in my work with people. Be it related to their professional self or personal self. I find it to be very useful and powerful and gives you a good frame to work from. 

I’ve tweaked it here and there, but it ends up having these four areas: 

  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Systemic Thinking


Before moving forward, I think there is a term we have to make sure we understand in the same way: leadership. The word “leadership” has perhaps been overused lately, and some of it has perhaps already had its day, but I think it is necessary to explain what I mean when I use the word Leadership in my books and in life. 

Who is the true Human Leader?
He/she who, through consistent example as a person and as a professional, leads people who willingly follow him/her toward common goals. In order to be consistent and inspire others, it is taken for granted that the leader has looked within, dared to leave his/her own patterns behind to find his/her own way, and, in doing so, knows how to influence (in a positive way) the people around them. These are the four areas I mentioned before and you will see summarized in the model:

For each area, I have made a selection of techniques that I have used at different times in my life and training. Many of them come from my coaching studies in neuro linguistic programming, others from the path as a pluralistic systemic counselor, others from working with people as a sales rep  and others acquired here and there in the various trainings and life experiences. Of course not all fit or can be used as an automated “recipe”, because for each person or organization the reality is different and unique, and demands specific techniques, but the macro areas I think are a must!

Here’s the bottom line of each area:

– Awareness
: we must join our dots so that we go on in life as complete beings. The more complete we are and feel, the more we are willing to give to others. I like to explain it with the example of, you know those incomplete drawings where you need to join the dots with numbers? Just like that! We often know what the picture is going to be, but it’s not quite complete and we accept it like that so we can keep on moving. There are so many parts of us that we have left open or unexplained, which is fine as long as we are aware of it. We just need to gather the information so that we understand our behaviors and triggers. In organizations, the more we understand how we came here today, the better we can manage things.

– Creativity: To actively create. Once we know ourselves with our weaknesses and strengths, our beliefs, identities and guiding values, we can discover our purpose which is the lighthouse that guides us. The reason why we do the things we do and allows us to have perspective. With this in mind, then deciding the goals and action plan makes more sense to yourself and to others. 

– Courage: Ha! It takes a lot of courage to act and go for what we want right? It takes a lot of courage to change the way we do things so that we obtain different results…thank you mr, Einstein : ) It takes a lot of courage to learn to communicate differently, because this means that we need to stretch our minds, get uncomfortable and learn new ways of doing things. This is leadership, being responsible for the results we want to obtain.

– Systemic Thinking: Thinking systemically is a mindset, an ability we must always wear. Everything, absolutely everything we do and DON’T do, affects the system that surrounds us, which in turn, affects a bigger system and so forth. This is so important in families. Children learn from who we are and what we do, rather than what we say. Same in organizations, with our neighbors, friends, etc. Think of the industry you’re in and how you help it grow just by being extraordinary in what you do!


If you want to know more about the model and how to put it in practice, I share the links where you can find the books in Italian, English and Spanish. If you want to share your ideas with me, I will be happy to hear them. Please feel free to contact us:


English: “Know Yourself first and then lead others”:

Italian: “Human Leadership: per essere un vero leader, prima bisogna conoscere se stesso”

Spanish: “Líderes Humanos: cómo gestionar equipos exitosos desde la comunicación y el autoconocimiento”.







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  1. Emilio Pizano 4 months ago

    Interesting, good article. Would like to hear a little more. Success examples. Where do you leave common sense.

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