I want my Porsche!

I want my Porsche!

A few weeks ago, I had the fortune to participate in an event with two leading companies. Porsche and Brembo – the leading brakes company in the world, 100% made in Bergamo!

Once again I was inspired and once again I confirmed my divine ignorance!

A visionary, an individual that wanted more, someone like Dr. Ing. h. c. Ferry Porsche who said:

“At the beginning I looked around, but I could not find the car I was dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself. I figured there must be enough people in the world who have the same passion as I do”.

And so I return to my constant motto, Create Yourself, and how Lynn, my dear Lynn who patiently listens to me over and over again. Maybe after I lay on her all my frustration, she giggles and says, so, how would you want it to be?

Boom! Back to taking responsibility for my life, my results and think, think outside of the box to find solutions or ways that will get me to where I want to go. Things that I can do to get what I want. Not anybody else, but myself.

Mr. Porsche couldn’t find the car he wanted, so he created it!

Gucci recently made me think outside of my box. From not liking the classic bags, to the most beautiful wallet I now own and is in my purse.

I used to judge what Porsche meant to me, I used to base my like or dislike towards Gucci because of the classic Gucci bag. And there is more, so much more to those extraordinary brands.

The truth is that I thought I couldn’t afford them – even if I could! My mind wouldn’t let allow me, so I would convince myself  that I really didn’t like them!

But, that attitude, would bring a whole other set of attitudes and limits to myself and my quality of life. Judgment towards people or things. People that drove Porsches were this or that. Or wanting to have only luxury brand bags meant this or that.


So, I’m talking about three different things here:

  • Watch your judgments because you are definitely limiting yourself, 
  • Make the stretch. Think of what you want and go for it! Worse case scenario you don’t get it, but you tried! Isn’t this what you would tell your kids?
  • What’s wrong with wanting the best? There must be a reason why some things are worth more then others.

This is true in the fashion industry, in the automotive, in the Coaching world, schools, your partner, nannies….everything!

Good things cost a lot because there’s a LOT of work behind it. There is the constant search for excellence and for being EXTRAordinary.

Most people that succeed is thanks to their constant hard work. There’s no way around that.

Back in my dating days, I experienced a Porsche and that’s when I started falling in love with it. Tac…the sound the door does when it closes. Precise, well made, solid. I loved it! I knew the guy that was driving it (very well ; ) ), and so I changed my perception of people that drove Porsches.

How simple! It only took to KNOW someone that owned one, to change my belief about that brand.

Same thing with the rest of the big ‘luxury’ brands. Walking in via Montenapoleone, the fashion mecca in Milan, with my niece Anna that came to visit us from Peru, I went in stores I had never walked into and I created a totally different experience.

Sales people were nice, lots of things are now in my wish list, and I realized that I had missed out on so much just because I had built useless beliefs. How limited, wow!

So, for my Porsche, I really don’t want one, I want Claudio to buy his Panamera, take me around in it and give it a drive when I want!

As 2012 ends, think of the prejudices you can get rid of, and, as you start a new cycle, think genius, outside of your box, to come up with things that can help you Create Yourself!

Happy Holidays!


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