Gianfranco Butera

Gianfranco Butera
I was lucky enough to meet Nancy in a moment of a challenging and difficult professional choice. Nancy had the ability to tune in with me and my deep aspirations. In a situation of professional stalemate she was able to make me appreciate and feel the great opportunities possible in the change of role and situation. In a series of meetings, she allowed me to focus on what destiny was preparing for me.
The journey together has allowed me to sharpen my awareness and to bring out the courage necessary to throw the heart beyond the hedge.
The path is still ongoing but the change is already bearing fruit in terms of professional and human growth. Furthermore, everything that was superfluous and false in terms of commitments and people is gradually being defined and clarified.
Finally, Nancy has an enormous ability to tune in and support in the best way possible, my growth and the flourishing of myself.


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