Olimpia Di Venuta

Olimpia Di Venuta

I’m Olimpia and my role in Mediobanca is Human Resources, focusing, among other things, on Diversity themes.

I met Nancy thanks to her book “Create Yourself” and, impressed by her communicative style and by the newness of the discussed topics, I decided to contact her to organize a path devoted to the enhancement of the female value in the company.

The goals of the training path, which wound away in three meetings, were:

  1. Self-awareness (how to identify your own talents)
  2. Knowing and mastering your own map of the reality
  3. How to establish your own objectives

The course has been a great success: marvelous turnout and positive feedbacks!

What has impressed the most has been without a doubt Nancy’s communicative talent, her radiance and her ability to break down the barriers and enter into contact with people’ souls.

During the first day, Nancy clarified us that to have success in life the main rule is knowing ourselves, recovering our “personita”, the child inside us that we often neglect to please those around us. Therefore, to find our talents, first of all, we need to recover our desires, trying to eliminate all those bricks that hamper the route towards our objectives.

In the second meeting, we dealt with the ways to proceed to the change and thus with the importance of knowing and mastering our mental maps: every human being is different from the others and elaborates reality according to his vision and knowledge of things and his ability to interact with the others. The important message we understood is once again that changes depend on ourselves: it is often enough varying our point of view to enrich our map of the reality and to achieve surprising results.

Lastly, in the final meeting, Nancy unveiled how to make our dreams come true! Easy, or almost.. give us clear objectives, simple and measurable, while maintaining constancy and determination when reaching them.

Thank you Nancy!


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