What are we fearful of?

What are we fearful of?

We’re one day closer to resolving the COVID situation which is putting everyone to the test.
We are all confused and frustrated, which is what happens when our basic rights are put at stake.
The one that most comes to my mind is FREEDOM, one of the highest in the rank in the era we live in.
We have reached such a degree of freedom of thought and action, that instinctively, loosing it feels confusing and makes us feel fearful. The first things that came to my mind in these past days for example was “and if my parents pass and I can’t travel to be there with them?”.
I immediately felt a sense of fear.
The same fear that make Italians from the south want to flee back home. It’s in our nature, when in crisis, go home, BE home. In media and social networks the thing now is to stay at home, we’re on it.
We’re reaching the peak of this virus, if Wuhan made, we will. A few more weeks and it’ll all have passed in this mediterranean beautiful boot.
What are we fearful of? Losing our loved ones? Losing our jobs? Going out of business?
We are absolutely capable of managing it all and recreating our inner strength and balance.


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