In these days of COVID 19 I guess I’m not the only one reflecting on the bigger picture of all that is happening and observing how it looks like within ourselves.
As far as Italy is concerned, I am more proud than ever to be a third Italian, by adoption and “maternity” : )
This country is showing up naked and upfront, leading the way for the rest of the world.
I see a cohesive and proud Northern Italy, discrimination is redundant when we know the brand “Made in Italy” is one of the most valued and recognized globally.
Personally, I have had trainings, meetings, sessions, projects, visits cancelled while having my two teenagers at home!
Milano has created a hashtag #milanononsiferma, Milano doesn’t stop…and you and I don’t stop either.
It’s the perfect moment to reflect on other alternatives: pull out projects that were put away, have conversations with people that you usually don’t have time to talk to, create “corona chores” at home for kids so they get active as a family and team. We’re all in this together.
Fear and uncertainty play nasty tricks, let’s all step up stretching our minds.
This situation will be managed in the best possible way, and when it will have passed it will have only allowed us to get to “know thyself” better.


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