Domino effect

Domino effect

All the countries as a domino effect, are having the same behavior regarding the stand still for COVID 19.
As soon as the norms are announced, people sort of continue with their life as usual: ok, schools are closed, but let’s meet at the park, at home, at bars. Then authorities get serious and strong about it, and we get it.
I find it really interesting. What is it, that even as we see the evidence in “others”, we don’t respond?
Only when it hits home do we wake up, when it touches us directly. For the first time in decades, we have to act primarily to protect others. I love it!

The reason why we’re all home and distanced is because we need to avoid contagion others and to respect the amazing work that everybody in the health system is doing to manage this earthquake. BUT, it’s really making us stretch our minds and our hearts, it’s waking us up and teaching us to be still, to care for others, to respect, to trust, to give, to support, and of course, to look inside ourselves.


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