Human Leadership: Luis Enrique Gutièrrez Topete interview

Human Leadership: Luis Enrique Gutièrrez Topete interview

While in Europe we have slightly restarted our engines, in the Americas, it is still taking a little while.
A positive thing that I think we can all agree on on the positive effects of the lock down, has been the fact of having time to connect with people that we usually
don’t see or talk to in our day to day.
One of those people I had to pleasure to talk to and then interview is Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Topete from Mexico City, CEO of Cogutsa, a construction company that operates in Mexico, Panama and Chile.
What fascinates me, is that all these people I have worked with, have different styles, different perspectives, passions, hobbies, but there are so many words
that they have in common. For Luis Enrique, who il also a Triathloner, Ironman, the words that accompany his Leadership are: discipline, common goals, effort.
We did this interview during the full lockdown days where 1300 people in his organization were waiting for the GO to re-start, and what was key in those days, he said,
was to stay connected and in communication with everyone, be present and clear that they were all in it together. Closeness, communication, presence…HUMAN.
Thank you Luis Enrique and thank you all once again for sharing your ideas.


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