Debora Rosciani

Debora Rosciani

Nancy gave me two possibilities.

The one of presenting my book next to an astronaut. Who else can say to have done the same thing?

And that of giving to some women – a little unfamiliar to the subject – some advice about the correct money management. Teaching others is a special privilege if you have the instruments to do it.

I leave out all the occasions in which we met in front of an aperitivo: you won’t believe it but they have been opportunities for personal and human development too.

Yes, because Nancy gives to the people she meets this exact possibility: growing up both personally and humanly.

Nancy has a light in her eyes and she easily transfers it to you. Nancy has an enthusiasm attached to her skin and an innate empathy.

Nancy has that wonderful gift of seeing the glass as half-full, of glimpsing an opportunity in the adversity. Everyone agrees on how it is important to do it. But not everybody is able to.

Taking part to her meetings I have always brought home: an internal smile, the desire of get going again where the laziness jeopardized the enterprising spirit, a positive look – but not naïve – toward the world around us.

We don’t want to mock Nancy. But trying to take her as an example might make this hard life extremely lighter.


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